I endorse Mike Everling for 51st Assembly District. Mike is an upstanding, hard working person with a deep appreciation for the effects of legislation on ordinary working people, and for the day-to-day concerns of people living in his District. He will always stand for justice, fairness, and greater personal and economic freedom for all Californians. Mike is not controlled by any special interest group, and will stand up for the people and the public interest. You have a real choice this November. Vote for Mike!
I have been involved with local community for very long time, and ask to please support Mike Everling for state assembly. Mike and I have been acquainted with each other for more than 20 years. There is no more liberty-oriented individual that I know. Mike is a principled problem solver that will not, to the best of his ability, allow any infringement on property tax initiative Prob-13, or firearm rights. He will be true to education choice for families and parents, will fight tax increases, while lobbying to spend available revenue for smart, effective resolutions to growing infrastructure problems i.e. sidewalks and roads. My family supports Mike Everling for Assembly.