Libertarian running for State Assembly in District 51

As your representative in the Legislature I intend to apply deeply held principles to decisions I make and any legislation I support.


Mike Everling is a Libertarian running for State Assembly in District 51. His legislative initiatives include:

  1. Foster free market solutions to joblessness among the homeless who are able to work and actively seek work opportunities,including such measures as promoting "enterprise zones" in severe poverty impacted neighborhoods where the homeless are concentrated. Also to make provisions to address the issues confronting those who are unable to adequately provide for themselves, employing such measures as "empowerment zones" to protect the helpless and rehabilitate those with treatable substance abuse and mental disease issues.
  2. Stimulate economic development by reducing excessive regulation which inhibits business formation and job creation by eliminating taxes, especially capital gains and taxes on productivity and replacing funding by voluntary user support which will serve to increase capital formation, retention and velocity leading to a return to economic renewal and prosperity, especially important to middle and working class segments.
  3. Address critical infrastructure issues such as repairs and improvements to the state water system, including aquaducts, reservoirs and municipal water plants and mains. Also to more effectively manage rainwater runoff by incentivizing private enterprise to build and maintain and manage retention and treatment facilities.


In the form on the bottom, you can contact Mike. We're happy to have volunteers to get a Libertarian in the office! Please feel free to contact Mike if you have any comments or questions.

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